Open Sentry Safe In Seconds With Black Box | Mr. Locksmith Training

Open Sentry Safe In Seconds With Black Box | Mr. Locksmith Training

To purchase the Dumb Black Box go to

The Dumb Black Boxx is very simple to use. You don’t need power. You can have power or no power. It doesn’t matter.

1- Remove the Digital Dial: Remove the screw at the bottom of the dial and, twist, to remove. T

2- Remove the four wire connector from the back of the dial.

3- Hook up the four wire to the back of the Dumb Box.

4- Turn the on the power switch on the Dumb Black Box.

5- The red light come on, then the green light will come on, and you hear a click and the safe is now unlocked.

6- Turn handle and open the safe door.

Now what is really interesting, besides opening the safe with no damage and no signs of entry the Dumb Black Box has overwritten the Factory code with our number.

We’ve overwritten the factory code. We put in our own code, so now you can open this safe. The customer can open the safe whenever they want. No damage, everything works.

Go to and purchase this for $295.00 US, and we’ll ship it to you as soon as possible.

Hi I’m Terry and today we’re going to open up a Sentry electronic safe, one of the newer ones with my new black box that will open up the Sentry safes. The rare earth magnet will still works if the solidnoid has not malfunctioned.

I have not run across an Electronic Sentry Safe that will not open with the rare earth magnet, but sometimes you just want to use the box. It’s quicker, easier, faster.

The safe has to be functional. The customer has lost the combination, they don’t know it anymore. You can use the black box with or without batteries, it doesn’t matter. This black box has its own internal battery supply. The bottom line is we don’t know the code.

The safe has flash green. If it flashes red in error, the box may not open it. Then maybe or maybe not the rare earth magnet or you will have to drill the safe open. However, if it’s just functional and they’ve lost the combination, this will open up the safe.

You remove digital dial and the four wire plug and the black box plugs into the four wire clip. We get that clipped in there. I push the on button. It’s going to think for a bit, then it’s going to go red. Then when it’s successful it’ll go green. Sometimes it takes two or three times, usually it does it the first time. We push the power on, wait for it to communicate, it is communicating, it goes green. Click, we open the safe.

The other cool feature is that when we hook it back up, give it battery power, it’ll now be reset to open and now you can reprogram in what other numbers you want. Again, customer’s happy, no sign of entry, no damage, still functional. So we’ve opened up the safe, no sign of entry, nice, quick, fast, easy. We now have the new factory code that we can open and close to our heart’s content and reprogram in whatever number we want. So the new black box will open the Sentry safes.

We have tested it on all the new electronic Sentry safes, the two bolt, the four bolt, the larger one. It opens them all. It’s quick, easy, fast, and effective. Add this tool to your locksmithing business and make some money.

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Jean Clark says:

This is scary. Thanks for advice not to buy safes like these.

wkeil1981 says:

I have a question. I was left a liberty safe. It’s open right now but I don’t know the combination. What are my options so I can still use the safe?

Muhammad Alden says:

sorry I want to ask, what is the name of the item, can open the lockless safe and the number code …

Silvernews com says:

HI I love your Video’s I purchased a Mesa Safe with the digital lock from a private party, the safe works and I can open it with the code.My concern is the bypass key did not come with the safe and I would like to be able to have a key just in case. Can I change the digital lock or do you know if I can get a key somewhere with the serial number?


Ariel Macias says:

cuanto cuesta ese aparato amigo

Snell Sentinel says:

Sir thank you for your posting it’s refreshing to hear from one who says how it is, I would like your advice on how to open grandads safe passed on 15 years ago, the safe is an old Guardian made by S.A. HUNT & CO wellington new zealand & has only one combination dile with YALE on it , thank you for your time kind regards snell from New Zealand

MNY-Patentcatalog says:

open a safe,How does a tresor work

bartlebyscribe says:

I can’t find a list of compatible models fort he device. I realize you’ve mentioned “electronic safes” but surely certain electronic models will have a different pin interface behind the keypad? A list would be helpful to illustrate just how many models this device will work for. You might consider advertising such information. Additionally, greetings from a fellow security enthusiast in Ontario!

Boris Gleizer says:

What small safe models you we recommend?

Sophisticated One says:

does this work on any electric safe ?

Mark O'Hara says:

could you do a video featuring the phoenix titan and any bypass for lost combination

KAT Healey says:

Will the rare earth magnet work on a Honeywell 5103-5113 model. Keypad will not work and keys are locked inside. To make matters worse, serial number is not on the front of safe. So I can not order a key. It’s bolted from the inside to the wall. What size magnet should I buy? Thanks for your help!

Glenn Quagmire says:

What this tells me is that these electronic safes are useless.

ComPrt3 says:

I have a sentry safe almost identical to the one you are using. Do you know where I can purchase a new circuit board for it. I already called sentry for a new one, the told me they would send me a new one free, but are waiting for inventory to get from one Warehouse to another Warehouse before they can ship it to me. It’s been 6 months now since they told me that. I need to get it open. I have important documents and 2 firearms in there.

Joseph M says:

Some people will begin to have things taken from their safe and wonder how is it possible , the safe is in perfect condition how can this be ? All along someone has learned the secret to rob mom and dad without a trace. Not a good idea to store anything but papers for protection from fire.

Justin Miller says:

Are there similar flaws in my Honeywell 2087d safe with this or magnet?

Jamie Dodd says:

Wouldn’t it be faster and cheaper to just open it with a strong magnet like you already showed in a previous video?

Devan Glover says:

does it have to be a neodymium magnet? will a strong magnet with 150lb pull work?

Bender Rodriguez says:

Do you think the combo version of this safe is safer?

rafael juarez rodas says:

Would you kindly tell me where I can get a machine for the opening please

Mr. Locksmith says:

The least expensive way to get a lost combination, code or replacement key is to go to the Sentry Safe website and order a key.

Serial number is on a white sticker on your safe. No sticker, no key, locked out? Call your local Locksmith.

thiago pinho says:

Abertura de cofres eletrônicos do nco? Brasil

asif hameed says:

I have ordered the black box and video training on 25th March 2017 and made the payment by paypal, but i have not received any single email from them for the confirmation of payment and shipment. they are not replying to my phone calls, they are not replying to my email. please deliver the device or refund my money.


TheRokkis says:

insert criminal joke here

Seriously fun to watch. Not my profession, but who knows, might come handy one day!

Robert Tompkins says:

are “Cobalt” safes any more secure than “Sentry Safe?”

Paul P says:

Can you open a snap safe this way?

Cesar Lagos says:

Good afternoon! I need help. I have a Sentrysafe S0500 but I forgot the password, it has digital keybord
Can i open it with the magnet technique? or How else can I open it? sorry for my english.

Eric M says:

So what would you consider a GOOD , medium size, home safe. One that is reasonably priced. I want to put a simple increase in security for my home valuables. Thanks

Matthias Schulten says:

hey! i wanna ask you something i live in germany and i want to start lockpicking (not for use of criminal things) so can you maybe search on for me a good lock picking set preferable a small one that fits in your pocket( again not for illegal use)

Casey Murray says:

Great vid! Have you looked at the Stack-on 1512 QASB? I recently bought one for myself because I hadn’t seen any how to’s on how to crack it easily. I hope it’s not a giant POS, thanks and keep up the good work, very cool stuff!

wayne murphy says:

Are you just feeding lecy directly to the solenoid?

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