I’m in shock…
So today is the day where I show you guys what was inside the secret safe.. I’m so confused and scared.. What should we do?!

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If you read this far down the description I love you


25Gabriella Medina says:

Try it out

Surfer Dan! says:

Take it to the museum

Jennifer Hernandez says:

I know what the items mean u put the items that one of ur relatives owned and died and u put it next to the board then u might be in contact with those people or other people that might hurt u

Bacon Green says:

Those are Morgan silver dollars l have 1 of those

Potato Penny says:

Weird got dark

Ally_Studio ! says:

If you let me see faces I will figure this out yo because I know lots of people

Sanjay Bisessar says:


Fortnite Clips says:

2 words from me is ‘BE CAREFUL’

Melissa O'Neil says:

I think it snapped when you dropped it

logan Knox says:

Bring to police right away

Jackson Townsend says:

Rest in peace probably is to say good bye

FaZe Rug says:

GUYS. HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT I’M REALLY SCARED.. Should I actually mess with that thing or no? (Supposedly, the cryptique board was discontinued in 2005)

FortniteMiracle says:

im guessing they left everything there for you to try and bring them and give them an invite into your home. maybe the items are meant for you to use with the ouija board to communicate with them.

Greg Hudson says:

I was just wondering like: why is he worrying about a dollar coin

Then I realised he lives in America and they have one dollar notes
I live in Australia and they have dollar coind

Angel craft says:

Maybe the family jn the picture lived there then did the board and sucidede them selves

N0 Hands says:

Please contact me, those were my great, great, great parents born in 1864

TPC FarrReaper says:

Its an amniken box!

Mario Guzman says:

28 times

Ghary Lance Bibe says:

“old” …….but “shiny” ?….hmmmm

Polone Savea says:

Those people who were playing that game and die

carole Dorrance says:

the cryptique thing is basically a ouji board but VERY VERY old

Jackson Townsend says:

Maybe someone wanted people to contact them when they were dead

Aaron lycan fan says:

Maybe that was someone’s grandpa and grandma when they were younge but they played the bored and maybe their grandparents had a heart attack

Seth Papas says:

Is like jamunji

kats vlogs and more says:

Omg…..i dont know why but the safe and the items seemed to make my family know what it is and i felt like my family owned it im not lying please dont hate im telling the truth if i get 5 likes i will tell the rest

ItZ Wolfiez says:

I knew it would be something evil,or demonic. 😮

Sanjay Bisessar says:


Noe Perez says:

play the board

Carson Green says:

I have two of those and there Morgan dollars and worth $50-$200 depending on year

Classy says:

5:59 Wall Sina face.

Kendal Collier says:

Can you do a challenge we’re you play they ouija board

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