Review of the SecureIt Fast Box 47: A multi-purpose safe for tight spaces

Most gun safes hold multiple rifles or shotguns, and they occupy a large footprint. But what about a safe for just one or two rifles that fits just about anywhere? Let’s take a brief look at three important ways to use the SecureIt Fast Box 40 and Fast Box 47.

Direct equipment links:
1. SecureIt Fast Box 40:
2. SecureIt Fast Box 47:
3. SecureIt Vertical Kit:
4. SecureIt Mobile Straps:

First, dimensions. Laid flat, the Fast Box has a height of 6.5 inches, a depth of 13 inches, and a length of either 40 inches or 47 inches. The resulting internal volume can handle one completely assembled rifle or shotgun as an under-bed safe or truck safe; two if the Fast Box is used as a vertical safe. In both cases, you can leave your AR15 in ready mode, including a scope and a magazine. The 13-inch depth can handle it.

The SecureIt Fast Box includes a neoprene pad to protect the finish of your rifle. It also includes a pair of brackets and feet for attaching the safe to a bed frame. Other accessories, like the vertical kit or the strap kit for use as a truck safe, are optional extras.

Like many other modern quick-access safes, the door can be opened by key or electronic pad. Unlike the average under bed safes you can find at Walmart or your local sporting goods store, the welded sheet metal encompassing the whole structure is thick and tough.

If you live in an apartment or have other space constraints, the SecureIt Fast Box may be the solution for you, providing MUCH more security and flexibility than the average foot locker safe. It also beats the heck out of those bed hangers if you want to keep little hands off your “bump in the night” gun. And one extra use I didn’t mention in the video: a gun range or law enforcement office can attach these to make a series of individual lockers. Pretty cool.

Big thanks to Patrons of the Destructive Arts!

Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive


TXARmory says:

I have the Fastbox 40 mounted and locked down in the back of my SUV with an AR inside. It is a great truck gun solution if I need more than the .45 ACP in the driver’s compartment.

gnarshread says:

I love the idea of this. I keep a rifle and handgun in the bedroom. My better hand and I have been talking about kids and I will probably need something like this sooner than later.

Sunshine_Shooter says:

Okay, you definitely get the Gold Star for creative intros!

PatricG says:

Surprisingly I had a break-in at my home. Have a secure-it Agile 52 and a more standard Liberty safe. They didn’t even try to get into the Liberty safe. But worked on the Secure-It. I have cameras in the house, so called police as soon as they entered (I was at work). The Secure-It held up well enough to delay them and allow the police to enter my house while the crooks were still inside. They damaged the safe, but did not gain entry. They broke out a window and ran when the cops entered. All were arrested and nothing was stolen. I think all you can really expect any safe to do is slow them down. So, the Secure-It did it’s job.

Eagle Eye Shooting says:

Excellent idea!. Great intro btw. Deffinatly a good option for my pickup

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