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Mort Kahn says:

After doing months of due diligence on the web, reviewing the best way to have easy access to my firearm in a time of need while being safe about the placement of my handgun, I pulled the trigger and purchased a GunBox Premier model. I was eagerly anticipating the receipt of the unit, which took about 3 days. Last night, I unboxed the unit. Read the instructions and set up a few fingerprints and enabled the RFID label that comes in the box. Everything worked super great UNTILL I put my $1250 FNX .45 Tactical and a Viridian X5L laser into the box. I closed the unit and waved my hand over the top eagerly anticipating the cover to open. Gears started to spin, and then nothing. One super heavy heart beat. I waved my hand over the unit again and gears started to spin and again nothing. Multiple heavy heartbeats.  OMG… How the hell will I get my handgun out of this box as it is made to keep guns inside. It took me over 12 times to get the GunBox Premier to open and that was because I clicked my heals and prayed to the handgun gods. After the box opened, I thought surely I placed the handgun into the box incorrectly and so I started to see how best to make sure the gun was not at fault. I repositioned the handgun and closed the box and BAM!!! Nothing. The GunBox again would not open. I repeated waving my wrist over the GunBox and again after 12 or so times, the box opened. I repositioned my handgun again, took out my magazine, closed the box and BAM!!!  It would not open again. It is not that the unit did not recognize me; the locking mechanism was just stuck. I prayed to the handgun gods one more time to give me my $1500 handgun back if I promise to never ever put it inside this box again. Happily, after 15 attempts the handgun god took pity on me and gave me my handgun back. Once I got my handgun out, I contacted the GunBox Support Team via e-mail. They did not respond to me. I then contacted them by phone and requested a full refund stating that there was no way in hell I would risk my family’s life on a handgun security box that opened every 10-15 attempts. They informed me that I would have to pay UPS to send them the gunbox back and that if the box, gunbox and paperwork were not in brand new condition there would be an additional 20% restocking fee. OMG are you serious I asked them. This is not me wanting to return the gunbox because I don’t like it; this is me wanting to return the box because it was grossly malfunctioning. So the moral of the story is BUYER BEWARE!!! You could loose your handgun to this box or even more important, not have immediate access to your handgun when you need it the most. Buy this product if you like living dangerously but buy it knowing the type of customer support you will receive after the purchase and what might happen to you when you need quick access to your handgun. Personally, I am going to keep my box and use it as a jewelry safe or if I get really good and mad, I will take it out to the country and shoot it with my handgun and report back to people how strong the box actually is.

Cyberdactyl says:

What happens if the battery dies and it’s not plugged in?

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