Ridgid Jobsite Tool Storage Box Review – Keeps Tools Safe!

Here’s a look at the Ridgid Storage Box, I’ve had it for a while and really like having it. It does not only keep your tools secure on a jobsite, but also keeps them organized in one place. It’s currently available for $250 at Home Depot. http://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-48-in-x-24-in-Universal-Storage-Chest-2048-OS/100130283


Electrician Dallas Tx says:

Thanks for the suggestions you have provided here.

Joel Mannerino says:

got the exact one, made a vid and posted in under Industrial Electrician tools. Very happy with it, $300 plus the locks so $325 out the door from home depot. i HIGHLY recommend this box!

Steve Wilson says:

What’s your other channel? Could you link it here? 🙂

chevymudding01 says:

How would you mount it in a truck to keep people from walking off with it

Joel Mannerino says:

out in the field, the locks just keep the honest man honest. A plasma torch would cut this box like butter. i actually had to yell at a few scaffold builders standing on my box with muddy boots. rain washed it off… dont spray it with Never Wet

Jim Dockrell says:

Good review!  A couple of lag screws through the feet and into the floor joists would also prevent a couple of burly guys walking away with the whole thing too!

PalmVids says:

“Gang Box”

GFD472 says:

Good job!  I always learn something from your videos.  Keep them coming!

cuttock says:

Great review, sir. I will buy one on your word!

r peffer says:

Nice box that will absolutely cut down 95% of all thieves and its always better to organize your tools .
just maybe some wheels would be nice to (removable of coarse) 

Roy Wrenn says:

Great video. That box looks good and strong. What was the other box size? Plus a rough cost?
Thanks for sharing

kendrick jones says:

Hey thanx dude I am sold, ordering mine from Homedepot now

Chris 01 says:

I just bought one and it’s hard to unlock. I need to pull on the key and wiggle it. Any ideas?

Lolita's Garden says:

Great review. Papa had an old, reclaimed-from-trash JOBOX in the garage, locked up tight and I wanted to use it for scrap metal storage in the shop. Took me an hour, an angle grinder, two cutting discs and a couple select swear words to get into it. Finally got inside- a wool blanket, a roll of towels and a cold chisel were all that was in there. It was a noisy mess to break into.

BroadcastBuddy says:

Good box, crap padlocks.

Ditch the Master no 1, easily picked in seconds and the cylinder can be silently drilled out.

I’d go with an American 5200 or an Abloy.

Average Guy Woodworking says:

Nice review. Jeff

Adalbertico Reyes says:

Me a ayudado mucho, Tenia una caja igual desde hace mucho y no sabia como instalarle los candados

mcLuvineer says:

Great video. Thought you forgot about us. Lol

Brian Kenney says:

These boxes are not site friendly. I thought they were, till I lost $2400 worth of tools in 15 minutes. A pry bar and a sledge popped mine open and my profit was lost. The only way they can make this box secure to not leave it on site. I hate to say this, but I hate to see people lose money on a job.

MRrwmac says:

Nice review and good idea for security. Are you going to bolt it to the floor? (You may have said and I missed it)

diycentral says:

I have the same one. Love it. Probably going to get the larger one too for another location. I would have liked another tray and tried to order one through my local +The Home Depot. But they weren’t very helpful.

Alexi Angel says:

how do yiu install this boxes on a truck?

jeanious2009 says:

Nothing is really anti-theft…. thieves will steal anything they REALLY want. I would place cameras for added security.

James Potter says:

A lock will only stop an honest man !!

Damon Tabron says:

Awesome Review

susanbakerdeeds says:

We’re can you find the locks
I’m haven’t found the right size
it say master #5
American #50

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