Show Box is Back! Is Show Box safe? ShowBox Replacements –

show box is back!

Using ShowBox (and similar apps) can result in lawsuit

show box review
showbox issues

apps better than show box
jet box
cinema HD
cyberflix TV
movie flix
potato streams

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49Cohibas says:

Love cyberflix!

AaronWillis GamerDoom says:

Glad I didn’t get this app.

Greg Bogdanis says:

thanks BigCiga4 showbox is dead don’t use it

Scott Cowgill says:

Is there any other APK apps that can run off of a ADM?

Orris Yoder says:

I’m using it stupid what third party movie app doesn’t have risks it’s all bullshit

Bernadette Brown-Williams says:

Dude sounds scared. Lol

Cerise Wilson says:

I’ve never used a VPN and have never had any problems.

Shawn Ring says:

This happend with terraium. As well. When it. Went. Down. This don’t worry ne to much as any website can do the same thing. I dont know if their is any truth behind or if its the app developers. Trying to get people. Not yo use it since they took it down

TEDX700 says:

i aint no bitch lul

Ziaullah Mohammadi says:

Don’t download the app not trying be hater or bring drama or be troll I got email from the law it’s giving me warning copyright

DeShon Cruz says:

Thanks a lot for ALL Your Time and Videos … Helped Me out as sure other … Yeah Why risk it stay a way from ShowBox for good/now Right now using that Cinemas HD apk on my Android Box and Works Perfect … Thanks again and if you find New and Exciting Apks Please Keep Us up to date

iamexel says:

CyberFlix is the best. For best results use it with a Real Debrid account and use MX Player as your default player.

creation life says:

Support the movies and tv shows guys pay for your entertainment, they got to eat to, it’s a business if they don’t make money we dont get sequel’s. Pay for your entertainment, it’s just that simple.

Beezy F Beezy says:

You can use showbox all this info is Bullshit

John says:

Thanks friend. I agree with you on this. No need to take any chances.

Jøhnny YT says:

But u use these apps and showbox been out for years and people using it so it warning they never done it before

shawn G says:

The app is Russian what would they do with your details they are untouchable there?

Bryant Cando says:

This is fake. Watched videos from other youtubers and they said it was safe. This is all bs. Click bait much??? Tt technology watch him. He knows what he is talking about unlike you

Devin Balasi says:

There are millions of people using these pirating websites and is almost impossible for them to sue all the users, but it is not impossible for you to be the lucky winner of that letter in your mailbox. What this video is saying that if you are okay with taking the risk then go ahead and watch your movies boo boo and if you want to be a bit safer then use a VPN.

blackzed says:

Good free VPN is Touch VPN get it from google play store highly recommended it.

Phillip Thomas says:

I downloaded the new one then saw these videos.but I uninstalled it am I OK?

Edward Davis Sr. says:

Thanks for the heads up, keep up the good work.

Francisco Merced says:

And is Workin

terry stockwell says:

Is this only happening in America

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