Snap Safe Lock Box Review: Low Cost Pistol Storage and Transportion

A tabletop review of the Snap Safe Lock Box. A low cost option for safe storage of handguns and valuables while traveling. TSA Approved


Therocketman321 says:

The scariest thing about the box is the key. That thing looks like a 3 or 4 pin small key. The lock is a massive weak point on that, and with that said, I hope you purchase something a bit more high security. A low skilled person could probably rake that lock open in 30 seconds or less. If you own a $500+ firearm, you don’t want to put it in a box that costs less than $100.

Jose Mendez says:

good review, thanks.

SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

Fantastic video and review my friend! I appreciate the information!

Old Farm Show says:

again this is a good video!!

Iboo30 says:

Ok that´s one hell of a bargain and the boxes look really good … but, even if they were bolted down somewhere or secured to something heavy with that provided steel wire most thieves nowadays carry lock picks and know how to use them. These locks don´t look high-quality, it wouldn´t take very long to pick them open take everything out and close them without anybody noticing anything … I wouldn´t store anything of high value in there … 

Old Farm Show says:

Thank you

Jesse Sisolack says:

You can no longer transport the ammo anymore? you used to be able to carry a small amount of ammo in a separate container to the firearm. That is annoying.

Tim Lipinski says:

Can you open the lock with a Paper Clip in less than thirty seconds ?  tjl

Chris Kelly84 says:

very nice product.

neanderthor66 says:

I just got one of the big ones from Palmetto, myself. And strangely, I am heading to Alaska next month, so maybe I will be able to just bring my pistol with me on the plane. I was thinking about shipping since most TSA boxes are pretty expensive. 

DaddyJangALang says:

Thank you for the review, much appreciated!

NoGuff says:

Bolt that to the floor of your car and no one’s walking away with it.

Mike Smith says:

Hey MD,
Where online did u say you bought it?

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