The Gun Box 2.0 Commercial – Quick Access Gun Safe

The Gun Box 2.0 is the ultimate in quick accessible handgun storage, safely concealing your firearm in plain sight yet with rapid accessibility in case you need it. The 2.0’s cutting-edge technology and innovative safety features provide the peace of mind and confidence to store your handgun on a nightstand, desk, countertop, or anywhere you might need fast access.

The Gun Box 2.0 “boasts” six appealing colors that will match any taste and décor. Made of 4 mm die cast aluminum and weighing just over 4.5 pounds, 2.0 is spacious enough to easily hold most duty-sized handguns. With the simple touch of a finger, the wave of a keycard, FOB or a ring, or tap of a finger via the smart phone app, its pneumatically-assisted lid opens smoothly in seconds. As an added security feature, 2.0 is equipped with an audible motion and tamper alarm that emits a loud noise if your box is bumped or moved. 2.0 comes pre-drilled and ready to mount anywhere and in any orientation, or you can secure it wherever you need it with the tether cable.

Our new smartphone app makes setting up fingerprint recognition and additional access keys a breeze, and also allows you to adjust fingerprint sensitivity, volume and tone of the audible alarm, timeout duration on the interior light, and other settings quick and easy. You can also give other people permission to open your box via the app.

2.0 also features two USB ports, great for charging your phone or other electronic devices. 2.0’s cutting edge design and sleek lines not only make it a great addition to any space, but it is the perfect reason to bring your handgun out of the basement safe and into a secure and accessible space in your home.


Metalikane says:

This is the most American thing ever. I genuinely thought this was a joke commercial at first.

Bloodman Tv says:

i don’t have a gun.
i have a RPG

KiuanTroll says:

Wish my country let me have a gun. Damn socialists.

darkslayer709 says:

I live in England, why am I even seeing this?

Jeez, YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services can all block me from viewing their content due to my location but an American-centric ad can’t figure out I’m in the wrong location to ever be in the market for one of these things.

Or is it more a case of, this product is so stupid they just had to throw exposure of it everywhere in the hopes it’d stick somewhere.

Recon PDW-1 says:

I’d buy one for my M92FS but damn, they are $260!

James Shelnutt says:

when I saw this ad pop up before another video (which featured Wil Ferrell) I initially thought this was a fake SNL ad due to the connection with him somehow. But it ran on & on & eventually I discovered this was a real ad for a real product. The hydraulic lifts for the lid I think was what also pushed me initially in the direction of fake cause they look so “over the top”. Oh well. Guess you never know.

Rafael says:

Is this fucking thing real ?

Juan Carlos G Roman says:

can I even block this bs? and on the other hand: LMAO

Alaa Abbasi says:

This is stupid, your kids can just take your phone and open it…

MyNameIsGuzse says:

Man, i always wanted a box to store my guns in that allowed me to charge my phone via USB!

Seb Hayes says:

*Talking to home intruders*

“Hold on while I scan my finger to get my gun to defend myself….oh crap it’s not working….ok in that case hold on while I log into the app to open the gunbox…oh man you guys are really gonna get it once I open my gunbox”

Dayker. OwO says:

I’m sorry but I’m not gringo and I do not need this because in my country there are no maniacs that go into houses or steal so that this armed I or people that are all armed in any place haha, in my country the common that they are sold are sweet Or plants and not guns or shotguns …

abdulla shora says:

k as a Canadian who lives in the Uk, I haven’t seen a more irrelevant add in my life. Wrong market @gunbox

James Grant says:

I live in the uk I can’t even get a handgun so why am I seeing this ad

Cain says:

im just happy they chose that sexy 1911 to use xD

SimonBestia says:

Oh, boy!
I can charge my phone with it!

Andreas Marinakos says:

This is so fucking stupid
Your saying that the entire point of this piece of shit is that nobody will know that there is a gun inside, but you are literally advertising it on YouTube, thus defeating then point of it. If I was robbing someone and I saw this thing in their house, I would instantly realize what it is (because you advertised it on the FUCKING INTERNET) I would just shoot the person with their gun, get rid of all fingerprints, and make it look like a suicide. YOU ARE ACTUALLY MAKING ANYONE YOU SELL THIS PRODUCT TO MORE PRONE TO BEING SHOT.

LookAmongTheHeavens says:

The real ? Is Does it float ?

killeing says:

T_T………………wow……… like these are making gun enthusiast look dumber by the second……”Hey everyone, let’s all behold the box! This one of a kind box so you know where your gun is at all time and so your children know where your FUCKING GUN IS SO IT’S EASY TO REMEMBER-!” Fuck seriously >X(! I don’t care how many bullshit people think it, introducing your kids to guns (at least before they finish highschool) IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! I especially hate another youtube ad talking about “having this trusted side arm to prevent bullying”- A DUMBASS WILL THINK YOU MEAN SCHOOL BULLYING I GUARANTEE IT T_T!!!

Odin029 says:

I got this ad before a Ring of Fire video which I think is super ironic. But having said that… does it work well? Has anybody actually bought one?

Sovjet Television says:

Man I love the U.S haha

White Rice Curry says:

Is this a fucking joke ? This honestly seems like an SNL short but without any punchline.

AyanPlays says:

wtf this add i cant have a gun legaly here in brasil just if i become a cop

julien van den berk says:

Why did I get this ad…? I don’t even own a gun, and I don’t even know if you CAN legally own a pistol here in the Netherlands.

Muhammad Ali Alidina says:

back to formula?

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