Walmarts $49 pistol safe REVIEW

This is a review of the $49 Walmart pistol safe with key pad and key lock.


PNYprepper says:

my friend has one and I think this is a good buy for below $50

The Daily Shooter says:

Nice and works well. Same batteries for a year now

The Daily Shooter says:

I was looking at a nano vault to keep in the living room when im out there so I have a go to safe. Is it easy access?

Carryingcowgirl says:

That seems really nice for the money!

Jarhead6 says:

lol, thanks for the update bro!

andytran101 says:

Do you have a model number for this? Thanks

TE S says:

Can you see the buttons in the dark?

Cody Madsen says:

there is a combination to turn off the audible beep

Jarhead6 says:

for a year of use, it looks really good bro!

504 Dirt Dart says:

Yeah, I got the key lock only version (KISS) and it’s a quck 1/4-turn for access. It’s about 6×9 inside and holds my PPS and 2 mags.

Saul Panzer says:

Might get one and bolt it in the trunk of my car.

504 Dirt Dart says:

That’s cool that you can bolt it down – I can’t do that (easily) with my NanoVault.

The Daily Shooter says:

Thats all that matters right. Does the job. Thanks Trees

The Daily Shooter says:

I polished it and ran it through the car was before i filmed it. Dont let the special effects fool you bro

treesablowin says:

Nice safe for the money and it does the job.

CrazyIrishMedic says:

Lol my local hospital uses those exact safes rebranded under a different name to lock up meds that patients bring with them inside the room the patient stays in. They dont want the patients self administering meds but they have had too many issues with patients saying they did not get all their meds back when they leave back when they took them to another location to lock them up. So they got those safes to lock the meds in the room with the patient so there is no arguing that what goes in the safe is what they came in with and that’s what they leave with.

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