What’s inside a GIANT SAFE?

We CUT open a safe!?!? How easy or hard would it be for a Burglar to get into your valuable giant safe and steal your guns, money, document?!?! You might be surprised.

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WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto “We cut things open so you don’t have to.” so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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Rob Angel says:

I hate your kid

BrickGamerTUBE //BGT says:

He never said we can’t do this with our moms safe

CJ Mitchell-Coker says:

Cut open a oven!!!

Steven Rubly says:

What’s inside a gun safe random guns

Buffering YT says:

(Opens safe) dan:what are these shirts doing in here I put all my money before this (Matt sneaks another shirt in there) dan:why is ALOT of money coming out of your pocket matt:

munchkin526 says:

What’s inside an xbox 360

Ursnag Bear wrestler says:

Oh wow a safe as tall as Lincoln interesting at 4 ft tall safe

john c says:


domino domino says:

Can you do what’s in side titanium

Fikri Noh says:

What’s Inside you son’s computer storage?

a g says:

Lol fire rated sheet rock

Abinash Basabanuja says:

Made in USA huh

Toxic Creeper says:

What ever you put inside

BeepBoop TortillaSoup says:

Whats inside my neighbors house?

Wulfy says:

Next whats inside: What’s inside a Bank Vault?

DOT says:

the point of a safe if you have a gun safe even weighing as much as this I hope you have Dino bolted it for more security also any safe can be accessed easily on the market such as this safe. It’s about time consuming and doing your best in the first place to make it harder for the safe not to be picked up or moved (dino bolted into concrete) and locking and alarming your house.

munchkin526 says:

I lost a tooth tonight, can I get 100 likes?

Dan Seabreeze says:

That other safe with the earrings, alcohol and pennies was much much stronger!

Benjamin Benitez says:

I think the safe was easy because the company wants to save money

CynderTUBE says:

Most safes are stronger than that

Alexander Cobos says:

Open a 22 rifle

Danny Garden says:

Not a real safe, you would pass way more time cutting it, try to pick the look instead much faster when you know what to do, drill a small hole and bore or optic camera, most real good safe have a glass inside if you break it your done for a long time

Leif Lohne says:

if you got a crew of 4 people and better angle grinders you can break into any of these safes under 10 mins atleast


I hate Ethan’s :[ I wish I was
the only one

TheMattd546 says:

I was going to buy 1 of those safes for my firearms but I’ll now wait and see how you guys do to see if its tough.

SuperDashBros says:


William Pinho says:

He shook the thing in his sons face

CameronUltra24 says:

Who’s watching this after the new safe video?

Lolomus says:

They stole Dashie’s back music from his sneak thief game plays

Anh Pham says:

What’s in side a car

TheManJordo says:

Made in the usa you can tell cheaply made

Isaac Sorensen says:

you shoulda aborted lincoln

Ingrid Bolton says:

what ever you put in there is whats inside o it

josha ojokl says:

That’s Matt and Jeremy from studio c

Anhuar0o0 Valenzuela says:

wow its all new

UnrealUnicorn says:

Fine ill cut open my moms safe

Ilukeidoodles says:

you could kidnap a kid and lock him in that.


Don’t take it seurious

Aiden Dewolfe says:

Break open bedrock

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