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Superior Master Series M 40 Gun Safe I purchased this safe after about 2 months of research about different safes and different manufactures. I watched many videos about the differences between big box store safes and a quality safe that you’ll leave in you will one day. I made multiple calls to Parker’s Safes and […]

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This “safe” is pure trash & you should absolutely not trust that it can or will safeguard your valuables. In this video I not only show you what you are getting — I also will show you how quickly someone can break into one of these using nothing more than a screwdriver. Do you own […]

In this video, professional photographer Gary Fong shows how to temporarily store archived materials in fireproof safes. In the video, Gary stresses the importance of the safe being on the ground floor, as close as possible to a concrete wall or fireplace. LIGHTING KITS Fashion & Commercial Lighting Kit: https://goo.gl/AlnNZq Wedding & Event Lighting Kit: […]